Monitoring, fast intervention and assistance systems in case of emergency represent our priority. The Protect NPG team is formed of specially trained people to answer promptly and accurately to all requests related to your security.

The monitoring service represents receiving the signals sent by the alarm system in the Protect NPG dispatch and alarming the fast intervention crews.

Our monitoring centre is the connection between you and Protect NPG, as it can monitor and interpret all types of alarm systems. The security system is efficient only if it has a professional team. We are convinced that an important element of the security solution is a combination of advanced detection and communication systems.

The main responsibilities of the monitoring dispatch are:

  • Managing alarm systems;
  • Detecting unauthorized intrusion;
  • Detecting early fire; flood, emanation of dangerous gases;
  • Sabotage warning and emergency / panic call;
  • Managing technical problems: communication tests  every 24 hours, power system status / battery backup status;
  • Checking on request: access in the protected area by means of password, regular patrol.

Protect NPG also holds a GPS monitoring system enabling permanent surveillance of intervention crews that ensures a prompt and fast intervention. We can also assure the GPS monitoring system for your vehicle.