Security Services

The services offered by our security and protection agents are adapted to all segments of activity and all clients. According to your requests, we can offer you the solution of a good security to prevent unpleasant situations.

Security services are complex and represent the first step in analyzing the client’s needs. In order to achieve maximum security conditions, we must understand our business and the activity segment. We can build together specific security solutions that can be applied to all cases.

Objectives physical security

Objectives physical security represents the physical presence of the security staff at the guarded objective or room. This security method is rational for objectives that require the control of importing / exporting the material goods in the area, complying with the permit scheme or guarding territories, restricted sectors, etc.

Physical security is undertaken by stationary or mobile posts. According to the trained staff guarding the objective, physical security can be divided into:

  • Armed physical security
  • Unarmed physical security

The type of security and the number of necessary posts for guarding a specific objective is established by Protect NPG in the process of inspecting the objective and is coordinated with the administration of the particular objective.

Individuals’ security

Individuals’ security is performed by trained security agents. Bodyguards in Protect NPG represent armed guards, who are permanently guarding the person, ready at any time to suppress all attacks on the security on the guarded person.