PROTECT NPG Security and Protection Company is brand new on the security services market and has a Dispatch approved by DOLJ COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE and coordinated by a Technical Manager approved by A.R.S.S. according to legislation in force and has a licence to perform activities such as: project, install, modify or maintain alarm components or systems against burglary and brings extra professionalism and quality by using the latest security equipments.

Monitoring, fast intervention and assistance systems in case of emergency represent our priority. The Protect NPG team is formed of specially trained people to answer promptly and accurately to all requests related to your security.

Protect NPG intervention crews shall ensure the peace and safety that you need. Protect NPG has created personalized services for you, your family and your business.

The services offered by our security and protection agents are adapted to all segments of activity and all clients. According to your requests, we can offer you the solution of a good security to prevent unpleasant situations.

With the help of the technical team composed of engineers specialized in electronics and automations, Protect NPG insures installations, maintenance and service for alarm, surveillance, access control, closed circuit television, fire detection and prevention systems.


The main objective of PROTECT NPG Security Company is to constantly exceed expectations and make security decisions as easy as possible. This is why PROTECT NPG commits to be a full service security solution for your safety.